The trail west is hard enough, but with their father recently dead, the Weldon sisters are on their own. Dependable Constance feels it's her duty to care for her delicate sister, Nettie. Beautiful, willful, selfish Nettie takes everything Constance gives…including the man she loves.

It has been a long time since Major John Montgomery felt alive. He carries heavy emotional burdens. Constance touches him when no else can reach his frozen heart. He loves Constance, but when Nettie announces they are to marry, his honor demands he go through with the wedding.

Though a romance through and through, THE SCOUT is also a story with powerful undertones of sacrifice and longing, as Constance struggles over her lovehate relationship with Nettie, who is not easy to like, and John battles his private demons. Readers will hope Constance finds the strength to chase her dreams, and Banning keeps us on the edge until the very end, as they grapple with the harrowing trip west. SENSUAL (Nov., 300 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin