While Elias is secure in his sexual needs, Jayne is only just coming to fully realize her desires. Her reluctance to submit completely to Elias is understandable and much more relatable than a character who gives in without question. With this couple communication is key and their willingness to have open, honest discussions about BDSM is refreshing. Readers wanting a peek into the sensual world of bondage, spanking and ice play will find a lot to like about this story, but be warned — there are some extremely explicit scenes.

Professor Elias Clark is more than just a favorite regular at the Books & Brew bar, he is also the object of owner Jayne Kent's wildest fantasies. And while Jayne may seem like a quiet, buttoned up woman, in reality she craves some seriously naughty sex. Elias has known Jayne for three years and even though he wants to pursue a relationship with her, he is worried that his BDSM lifestyle will scare her off. But after careful observation, Elias realizes that Jayne is a natural sub who brings out his dominate nature. Now all he needs to do is break down her inhibitions by introducing her to some (consensual) pain and pleasure to make her realize that submitting to him may be the best decision of her life. (ELLORA'S CAVE, June, dl., $4.45)

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Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak