Fans of White will not be disappointed in her latest, which follows her other successful novels into print. The characters are empathetic and well realized, making their stories relatable. The history brought into play is also fascinating. The downfall of this novel is that White seems to be trying too hard to find something with which to hook the story and, inevitably makes the story fall short because of it. In spite of trying to push too many fantastical elements into the story, her writing style is pleasing and compelling, and the novel is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Ava has met and married the love of her life in only a few short months. Somehow, every time they touch, she knows that Matthew is the right man for her. When they move to Matthew’s ancestral home shortly after their marriage, however, Ava discovers a past and a history that both ties her closer to Matthew and makes her question everything about him, and also about herself. (NAL, Jun., 416 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs