Image of Sea Fever (Children of the Sea, Book 2)


Image of Sea Fever (Children of the Sea, Book 2)

This is an especially fine paranormal with strong characters, logical plotting and a great sense of place. It keeps the magic at a low burn and focuses on the people. A new offering in the Children of the Sea series, it will have you hitting the bookstore for the others. Don't go to the shore without this bit of
selkie romance.

Regina Barone works at her mom's lobster shack, on the island where she was born. She cooks and raises her son, but there's no opportunity for change, either on the menu or in her social life. On the night of a town wedding, she goes out to the beach with a bottle of wine for a pity party. There she meets up with the gorgeous black-sheep brother of the police chief, who is also a wedding guest, and has a close encounter.

Dylan is not really here for the wedding; he's been sent by the selkie prince to investigate a demon presence on the island. While he's drawn to the human woman, selkies don't do attachments. But the storm on the horizon is racing to engulf them, and change is in the air. (Berkley SENSATION, Aug., 291 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan