Image of Sea Glass Winter: A Shelter Bay Novel


Image of Sea Glass Winter: A Shelter Bay Novel

Fans will enjoy this lovely visit to Shelter Bay. While the pace is somewhat slow, it’s heartwarming to watch old friends settle happily into life. Ross’ description of teenage life is spot on, especially the parts told in the teen’s own voice. Read the series in order, and you will cozy up to this book like a hot cup of tea on a cold afternoon.

Dillon Slater had a very high adrenaline job in Afghanistan — bomb disposal. Now he is teaching high school physics and coaching basketball. Life is good, and he is determined to teach leadership and teamwork to his not-quite-primetime students. So the arrival of a sullen basketball phenom from Beverly Hills is a challenge, especially when the hotshot comes with a hot single mother. Claire Templeton moves to tiny Shelter Bay after a very hard year in Los Angeles. Death in the family, troubles at school and too much fame — with its side dish of ego and temptation — made her want a major change in environment for her son, Matt. She has always been devoted to her son, making her living and her art by blowing glass into beautiful jewelry. However, a change of place doesn’t seem to have a big effect on Matt, which brings her into contact with Coach Dillon. She doesn’t want to be distracted by a relationship, but it’s hard to remain apart when they fit together so comfortably and he’s so good with Matt. Is there something in the water of Shelter Bay? (SIGNET, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan