Ms. Marzec builds an ensemble of lovable characters with a touching and heartfelt grace that keeps the reader rooting for the lovers as well as the supporting characters in the story. The realism of the characters and the challenges that each face are easily recognizable in everyday life.

Doria Hanrahans and Murray Santoros lives come crashing together like a gale storm when Dorias father passes away and leaves his boat to Murray instead of Doria. There is friction between the two from the outset, especially when Doria is caught trying to throw the keys to the boat into the bay!

Doria returns to the small New England shore-side town to bury her father and rebuild her life. She is hurt and resentful that her father would give his boat to a man she considers a stranger. He had promised that he would give the boat to her and she wanted to sell it and open a restaurant.

The last thing Murray ever expected was to receive a boat. A boat that he will never get to enjoy if he is made to serve time for a crime that he didnt commit. The last thing he needs is someone he considers to be as self-absorbed as Doria complicating his life.

(dl $4.95, dk $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Hope Stephenson