Viking mercenary Kol Thorleksson has never forgotten the Saxon woman who aided his escape from prison. When he returns to Norsex two years later to take revenge on the man who imprisoned him, he is shocked to discover his "little one" is his enemy's sister.

The handsome Viking who saved her life is never far from Princess Isabel's thoughts. When her home is attacked and her brother's life threatened, she is ready to stand up to the barbarian and his men. She is unprepared for her savior to be the leader of the destroyers.

Isabel must protect her secrets, even as Kol is determined to expose them. He may take her as his hostage, but she is the one who holds his heart captive. As intrigue and treachery swirl around them, Isabel is torn between love and loyalty.

Mathis' debut heralds the entrance of a wonderful new voice in historical romance. Mathis's lyrical style harkens back to the classics of the genre. She infuses the captive/captor theme with freshness, holds you enthralled with suspense, and creates characters whose intense emotions will reach out to touch you in irresistible ways. Stardom awaits talent like this! SENSUAL (Jun., 294 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin