Image of Sea of Love (Bayberry Island)


Image of Sea of Love (Bayberry Island)

This lovely romance is the first in the Bayberry Island series, a new family saga. It manages to touch on several serious themes while skillfully telling a story that leaves the reader sighing at the romance but aware of the concerns common to us all. Well done!

Rowan Flynn’s mother believes in magic — at least the magic of the Bayberry Island mermaid statue. She believes enough to have endorsed Rowan’s romance with a con artist and to fight the sale of the island to a resort consortium. Rowan lives under the burden of guilt since she lost the family’s money to the con artist, and is now stuck running the Safe Haven B&B on the tiny island. (She hates the whole mermaid thing, too.) Ash, a genuine blue-blooded Bostonian and closer for corporate sharks like those who want the island, is having difficulty maintaining his distance from the Bayberry community, especially from Rowan. He can’t bring himself to confess all, but he can’t endorse the destruction of the island either. Rowan and Ash are attracted to each other, but can they overcome both of their pasts and the big lie that is between them? (SIGNET SELECT, Dec., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan