The concluding volume in the Edda of Burdens trilogy is a satisfying end to a most satisfying series. Muire is mostly offstage in this one — Cathoair and Cathmar take center stage, with Mingan playing a vital role. Heythe continues to be a menacing villain and while her machinations are a bit transparent, they’re also integral to the plot. These are not easy books to read, but they are immensely rewarding — Bear’s use of Norse myths is outstanding and her reimagining of them is simply top-notch.

Set immediately after the events of the first book in this trilogy, Cathoair (now an immortal) has returned to the city of Eilodon to raise his and Muire’s son, Cathmar. While it seems to be a quiet life, danger approaches: the evil goddess Heythe, who was expecting an apocalypse, has returned. Heythe isn’t particularly happy that the world has been renewed by Muire’s sacrifice and sets about to make sure that the world does end. Unfortunately for Heythe and her schemes, Mingan has noticed her return and he will not allow her to bring about the end of the world a second time. (TOR, Feb., 336 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs