Image of A SEAL at Heart (West Coast Navy SEALs)


Image of A SEAL at Heart (West Coast Navy SEALs)

Elizabeth’s series starter is, like the title, filled with heart and action. Vivid descriptions of military missions, and the pain that can come from them, make this a page-turner. Make sure you grab some tissues because your heart will break for Jack, a warrior dealing with the loss of his best friend, and you will cheer for him and Laurie as they learn how to love. There are some coincidences in the book that don’t ring true, but the author more than makes up for it with snappy dialogue and fantastic characters.

Navy SEAL John “Jack” Roaker is stuck. After his last mission, which killed his best friend, he has amnesia. Until he can remember what happened, his commanding officer has him on medical leave. Jack is surprised by his attraction to beautiful physical therapist Laurie Smith. However, her biological and adoptive fathers were both SEALs and she has no intention of dating one. Instead, Laurie focuses on using alternative medicine to heal his body, and being with her seems to help soothe his soul. With dangerous secrets locked in his head, Jack has to heal if he wants to be a soldier. But will returning to the military push away the woman he loves? (SOURCEBOOKS, Dec., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak