Image of SEALed and Delivered


Image of SEALed and Delivered

SEALED AND DELIVERED (3) by Jill Monroe: Hailey Sutherland and her sister have decided to run the BandB that's been in their family since the '20s. Hailey's lost her self-confidence, having been unsuccessfully engaged three times, and her career has come to a halt. When fate cards are passed around at a bachelorette party, Hailey's says to kiss the first man she sees. That man is Navy Lt. Commander Nate Peterson. Injured while rescuing a pirated freighter, he now instructs trainees. (He's taking part in a helicopter practice outside the Sutherland BandB.) While this is a sensual, sympathetic story with a great hero, there's little real conflict between Nate and Hailey. It's less interesting than the subplot of the bride who is unsure if she should marry her groom.

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Page Traynor