Commercial artist Naomi Logan and journalist Rufus Meade strike sparks off each other from the moment they meet-in the best Bogey and Bacall tradition. Naomi, who's learned her lesson about love and pain in the school of hard knocks, is determined that no man will ever get close to her again, but she's no match for the ex-football wide receiver who incites her with pure lust every time he flashes her one of his slow, devastating grins.

Though he's had his own painful experience with love, Rufus pulls out all the stops in their duel of hearts, never realizing that they must both lose this sensual war for love to win.

As Rufus ruthlessly tears down the defenses Naomi has taken years to erect, Naomi is terrified he'll discover the secret from her past that threatens to haunt them-the one secret that could destroy her and drive Rufus away forever.

Gwynne Forster writes with a fresh, sophisticated sensuality that raises romance from the ordinary to the extraordinary heights of breathtaking fantasy. Destined to become a keeper! (Oct., 352 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson