In an effort to rebel against his father, Gidry Chavis leaves town, jilting the woman who has always loved him.

Prudence Belmont has gotten over the shame and scandal at being abandoned eight long years ago. As a respected spinster in Chavistown, she has regained her dignity and independence, but somewhere in the recesses of her heart she longs for love.

Gidry returns when his father is incapacitated by a stroke and he must become a town leader. That position places him in opposition with Prudence over a plan to put in electric lights.

Eight years ago, Prudence received Gidry's "Dear Jane" letter and sealed off her heart; but when he receives a scandalous, provocative postcard from Prudence requesting a meeting, Gidry is sure it is time to woo and win her heart.

With a little help from a rapscallion orphan, Prue's Aunt Hen, a mystery thief, a court case and those racy postcards, Prue learns to bury her pride and Gidry learns that love and acceptance by the one you love is the greatest gift of all.

Time and again Pamela Morsi reaches into her heart to find the way into ours. With stories of real people trying to live out their lives, she explores the depths of emotions with a sweetness and sense of humor that brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the genre. She is Americana romance at its best! SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin