Image of The SEAL's Valentine


Image of The SEAL's Valentine
THE SEAL’S VALENTINE (3) by Laura Marie Altom: Brynn Langtoine has her hands full raising her son, preparing for the birth of her daughter and surviving the scandal surrounding her husband’s death. When she meets Navy SEAL Tristan Bartoni, she is at her wit’s end about her son’s most recent scrape and doesn’t want his interference. Tristan is intrigued by the pretty single mom but is reluctant when it comes to relationships, not wanting a repeat of his failed marriage. When these two wounded hearts get together, it will take every ounce of faith to make it work. Alton’s characters are little too gun-shy to make their quick turnaround believable, but the story is great, and readers will enjoy catching up with previous characters in the series.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper