Image of The Seance (MIRA)


Image of The Seance (MIRA)

Graham's latest is not for skeptics,
but others will find it entertaining.
There are some creepy moments,
and the hero is quite scrumptious,
but the story doesn't rise to the
author's usual levels in terms of
sensuality and interest.

Since childhood, Christina Hardy has felt the presence of spirits and feared her gift. But lightheartedly playing with a Ouija board in the company of friends and family makes Christina face her fear, literally. Suddenly, she can see Beau Kidd, a police officer who died disgraced, believed to be the infamous Interstate Killer. Beau wants Christina's help to prove his innocence.

A series of murders echoing the earlier cluster has begun, and Christina finds herself working with Jed Braden, an ex-cop turned true crime writer. Jed is skeptical about Christina's claims, but he acknowledges the accuracy of her information and accepts that a killer could still be at large - and closer than either can possibly guess.

(MIRA, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer