Make room on your keeper shelf for another outstanding thriller from the awesome Iris Johansen. Readers will cheer as Sarah and Logan take control of the action and suspense. Hang on for a wild ride. NOTE: THE SEARCH follows secondary characters Sarah Patrick and John Logan from The Face of Deception.

K-9 Search and Rescue expert Sarah Patrick, along with her golden retriever Monty, is drawn into a case that threatens both her emotional state and her life.

One of the research centers in Columbia which belong to billionaire John Logan, has been attacked. The workers have been murdered and Bassett, a brilliant scientist, has been kidnapped. Logan suspects that an old enemy has returned. If Bassett can be rescued, he will need Sarah and Monty's help.

During the successful rescue Logan and Monty are wounded and the perpetrator, Rudzak, Logans ex-brother-in-law, has a new target: Sarah. What better for a troublesome query than human sacrifices?

(Jun., 384 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith