Image of The Search


Image of The Search

Search-and-rescue dogs are a focal point of this wonderful tale of love and adventure. Roberts has a marvelous ability to blend in the perfect amounts of character drama, realistic romance and chilling suspense. The result — an unputdownable read! Roberts again proves why her name is synonymous with excellence.

Fiona Bristow escaped from the Red Scarf serial killer and helped put him behind bars. In the process, however, her cop fiancé and his canine partner were killed. Years later, she runs a dog-training school and works as a search-and-rescue volunteer with her canines. Woodcarver Simon Doyle has a problem named Jaws. A gift from his mother, the unruly pup is driving him crazy. Simon needs help and he hopes Fiona can provide it. Terror draws near when a copycat killer wants to finish what the old one started! (PUTNAM, Jul., 496 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith