Image of Searching For Santa (Zebra Contemporary Romance)


Image of Searching For Santa (Zebra Contemporary Romance)

Dailey does a nice job of updating this story, which was originally published
in 1980 as Boss Man from Ogallala. Though the heroine seems a bit immature, even for 21, and a bit self-centered, her character develops nicely. Those familiar with raising cattle will appreciate the author's realistic depiction of it. Fans of Diana Palmer should enjoy this one.

Right after Thanksgiving, a broken hip puts Casey Gilmore's father out of commission. At 21, she's deemed too young to run their ranch, even with the help of her mother and younger brother.

So Flint McAllister, an expert rancher, comes on board to run things until Casey's father recovers. Casey has trouble accepting Flint being in charge, but when she finally comes to terms with his presence, the real spirit of Christmas begins to make itself felt. Yet, when the health of Casey's father suffers a setback, so does the relationship that has started to develop between her and Flint. (Zebra, Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley