Political volunteer Sarah Jamison feels a bit uncomfortable about the tone of the meeting in the hotel room of presidential hopeful Senator Scott Taylor. Sarah thought she had been invited up to the room to go over some political strategy, but when Scott makes a pass, Sarah decides to leave. A phone call and unexpected visitors have Sarah hiding in the Senators darkened bedroom. What Sarah witnesses makes her blood run cold. Two men argue with Scott and then shoot him. Sarah escapes detection, but realizes she must run for her life because she knows one of the killers.

Former Denver Deputy DA Jake Savelle has had his life collapse around him because of the Scott Taylor murder. Despite being Senator Taylors brother-in-law, Jake was handed the volatile case. He was pursuing the truth when a frame-up and false criminal accusation got him disbarred.

A late-night anonymous call awakens all of Jakes hunter instincts. The caller claims that there was an eyewitness to the murder. Determined to get at the truth, Jake begins a relentless search to find the mystery woman named Sarah Jamison.

Why has Sarah hidden instead of coming forward? While Jake worries he may be bringing danger with him, he has no idea of what he is about to unleash.

Intricate suspense and deft characterizations make SEARCHING FOR SARAH a top-notch thriller. Dont miss out. (Jan., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith