Image of Beyond The Misty Shore (The Seascape Trilogy)


Image of Beyond The Misty Shore (The Seascape Trilogy)

Author Victoria Barrett launches a charming and unique new series of novels set at a magical and mystical Bed & Breakfast. BEYOND THE MISTY SHORE is a captivating tale where true love, with a little ghostly help, can overcome all odds.

For many years the breathtaking Seascape Inn has been known as the "Healing House." Visitors have been blessed with magical healing.

Unfortunately for artist Tyler MacGregor, the powers of the inn seem arrayed against him. For nine months, whenever he attempts to cross the property line, he is engulfed in a cold fog and loses consciousness. Someone or something doesn't want him to leave.

In memory of her deceased cousin, Carolyn, Maggie Wright is determined to discover Tyler MacGregor's culpability in Carolyn's death. It has been two years since the fiery car crash in which Carolyn died. Oddly, while she was burned, a painting of the Seascape Inn by her fiance, MacGregor, survived unharmed.

When Maggie arrives at Seascape, she finds herself drawn to the tormented MacGregor, despite her intentions. She senses he harbors tremendous feelings of guilt, but does that mean he is responsible for Carolyn's death? When Maggie witnesses one of MacGregor's attempts to leave the property, she realizes there are strange forces at work in the Inn. Together can they unlock the secret?

(Mar., 352 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith