Sarah and her sister, Corinne, are extremely busy women. Sarah, with family and volunteer work and Corinne, with three businesses, just dont have time to go traipsing off to Florida at the whim of their mother, Maggie Downing.

But what can Maggie expect? Shes instilled in her children an overzealous work ethic, taking the idle hands clichi a little too far. And thats all the more reason why she needs her daughters to take a week off and be with her. Sarah and Corinne finally agree to join their motherbut they sure dont have to like it.

This short novella is an easy read, packed with just the right amount of emotion and realism. In this stirring work of fiction, Ms. Blackstock displays her deep understanding of relationship dynamics and her talent as a storyteller. (Feb., 208 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston