Image of Seaside Blessings (Love Inspired)


Image of Seaside Blessings (Love Inspired)
SEASIDE BLESSINGS (3) by Irene Hannon: Kristen Andrews arrives in Starfish Bay to begin her job as a concierge at the new, upscale resort. Not one to put down roots, she plans to move on as soon as possible. Things get off to a rocky start with her landlord, Clint Nolan, especially since she resembles his ex-fiancée. It is apparent they both have a story they are unwilling to share. How will Kristen respond to the second chance she is given when her past suddenly becomes her present? The beautiful gift of unexpected blessings is the focus of Hannon’s latest. Although a bit light, this is a quick, satisfying read.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee