Lily Rose has been on the run since she fled the French convent where she was raised. She finds refuge with a band of thieves known as the Scoundrels, whom she mothers like Wendy in Peter Pan. But the night she chooses the wrong mark, Lily is plunged into danger.

Viscount Sheridan, Sherry, doesn't quite know what to make of the scruffy lads who want him to care for the pickpocket who was injured while trying to steal his property. Wondering how a young lady of quality ended up on London's streets, Sherry takes her in, unaware that he has opened his home and his heart to love and danger as Lily's past collides with their future. Soon Lily, Sherry and the Scoundrels are in grave peril from several merci-less villains.

Goodman's sprawling romances are always filled with a large number of unforgettable characters, loads of adventures, intriguing plotlines and captivating stories. A Season to Be Sinful has all this and more. An intensely emotional, grandly sweeping story that's so wonderful you'll stay up late to enjoy the pleasure of Sherry and Lily falling in love. SENSUAL (Aug., 430 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin