This new Amish series has a realistic setting of Pinecraft, Fla., where many Amish visit during the winter months. Sowell opens the door for readers to have a look inside the Amish way of life. She gives the Amish respect and does not overstep into their world.

Amish widower Jacob Miller regrets coming to Pinecraft, where he and his children feel like outsiders. When his daughter is hit by a car and has extensive injuries, Jacob gets ready to settle in while she recovers. Englisher Natalie Bennett was a circus performer until she blew out her knee and her mother passed away. Now she performs in a clown getup at the children’s wing of the hospital. Natalie knows her mother was born Amish, but ran away from home. She meets Jacob in the children’s wing and they begin to fall in love. As they get the word out that Natalie is looking for her Amish relatives, they also realize that unless one of them agrees to leave their world, they cannot be together. (ABINGDON, May, 304 pp., $14.99, 9781426753558)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans