Image of A Season in Eden


Image of A Season in Eden

For a time, Lora Cameron was a happy young woman married to a loving husband with dreams of one day having a beautiful, prosperous farm and living with simple joys. But her dreams turned to dust as harsh conditions, drought and backbreaking work robbed her of her spirit, and left her a shadow of her old self.

In dire financial need her husband, Eli, takes a job at a distant logging camp, leaving Lora to manage the farm alone, except for the help of Will Bennet. Little more than a boy, Will was raised by his parents in a utopian community. He is wise beyond his years and has an instinctive gift for looking deep into anothers heart and knowing what they needeven when they dont.

Will Bennet is a unique character; part healer, part temptation, part conscience and part guardian angel. He is that catalyst for Loras growth and rebirth as well as the force that invites her to flirt with running away. Lora slowly begins to deal with the hard realities of rebuilding their farm.

Then tragedy strikes again. Eli is horribly injured and comes home a broken man. With her newfound confidence and slowly returning joy, Lora is able to help him overcome his trauma to reclaim the beautiful love and the dreams they thought were lost.

A SEASON IN EDEN is a deeply, moving, thought-provoking look into the darkest places of a womans heart. Megan Chance allows Lora to give voice to emotionsthe good, the bad and the ugly. She peels away the layers of the womans soul and bares all for us to see and what we see may surprise us; for it is what we see in ourselves.

This story is a pure romance, an Americana story and an inspirational journey. Ms. Chance reaches a new level in SEASON IN EDEN stretching her talents into an arena that will appeal to womens fiction readers. SENSUAL (Nov., 344 pp., $5.99)

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Kathe Robin