With a clan of writers like these, readers can expect a near perfect cache of novellas to brighten the holiday season and whisk them away to the beauty and magic of the Highlands.

Fall From Grace by Jill Barnett brings together a feisty heroine who believes she has captured a McNab to hold for ransom. The money can be used to save her clan before the islands Lord Campbell arrives for a visit. Grace has no idea who shes really captured and finds herself falling in love with a most special man.

What happens when you blend a little matchmaking and a lot of magic? Pam Binders time travel novella The Matchmaker. Take a modern-day coffee shop owner in Scotland and a visiting American, sweep them back in time to Marys court and you have a tale to remember.

Patricia Cabots The Christmas Captive tells of a daring young mans rescue of a brave but frightened woman. When he discovers her hiding in the forest on the day he is hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, Niall decides he must protect Mari from her ruthless fianci who would see them dead.

In 1886 a Texan gets lost in the Highlands and finds shelter with a healer and suspected witch. Annie is attracted to Rand, but wonders if he planned a way to stay with her by claiming he had to get rid of the cats that were with him everywhere he went in Geralyn Dawsons delightful Cold Feet.

Jude Deverauxs story is so special its still under wraps, but we can rest assured that it will be a sparkling gem that will light up the holiday season. (Dec., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin