This is the fifth book in the delightful Kauffmann Amish Bakery series. Though it can be read as a stand-alone, the character growth and development is more evident when reading the entire series. A glossary, family tree and yummy recipes are included.

Life is about to change for three “gut” friends. Lindsay and Lizzie Ann have fallen in love and are planning their futures. Katie, who has yet to find a boyfriend, feels left out. (Her friends just think she’s too picky.) Katie is drawn to Jake Miller, but he is a Mennonite and a relationship with her is strictly forbidden. When a misunderstanding causes Katie’s father to be embarrassed and furious with her, Jake wants to help, but he seems to make the situation worse. How far is he willing to go to have a relationship with Katie, and how will her father handle her disobedience? (ZONDERVAN, Jun., 304 pp, $8.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee