Newspaper reporter Kay wants to put newcomer Jack Keaton on the front page after he saves a little girl from drowning. But when the sexy hero makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk about himself, Kay's curiosity is aroused. She starts snooping and discovers that Jack is a former pastor and a widower with two small children. He also has a secret agenda—to avenge his wife's murderer.

Jack believes that his wife was killed after she stumbled upon her employer's illegal activities. He has followed her alleged killer and now intends to uncover the truth. Kay understands Jack's need to avenge his wife's death, but as she draws closer to him she becomes more and more afraid of just how far he will go. Will his grief drive him to kill another man—and their newfound love?

Jack and his children provide some heartwarming moments. But too many secondary storylines detract from Kay and Jack's tale. (Jun., 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell