This little novella introduces Dreiling’s next novel, What a Wicked Earl Wants, by presenting the background motivation for her characters. Readers will fully comprehend the whys and wherefores of the hero and heroine’s actions before the full novel begins, but it is only a lovely addition to the full story, not a necessary piece, as readers will see in the added first chapter of the full story.

With his friends falling into wedded bliss and his mistress dismissing him, the Earl of Bellingham is at loose ends until he rescues three young men from trouble. Respectable widow Laura Davenport is wondering how best to handle her adolescent stepson when she encounters Bell at a ball. They are instantly attracted. Laura presents Bell with a challenge he hasn’t had in years. A matchmaking dowager and Laura’s stepson’s troubles draw them together, setting the stage for an intriguing match. (FOREVER-ROMANCE.COM, dl $1.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin