Martin's latest is a fast-paced and reasonably entertaining story, if readers can get past the alien body-snatching aspect of it. And for some, that is a very big if.

A visit to the beach with her sister, Laura, is a treat for real estate agent Julie Ferris, until something peculiar happens. An unexplained sound, a radio that suddenly stops working and an overpowering urge to sleep ... Later, Julie only remembers taking a nap. But she's plagued by migraines, and Laura's haunted by nightmares of alien abduction. Coupled with work overload, Julie has all she can handle. Then a co-worker, Patrick Donovan, begins making overtures.

A womanizer and substance abuser, Patrick's not exactly Mr. Right -- until he has a heart attack. Afterward, he's a completely changed man and Julie's ideal lover. Discovering that Patrick's body is now occupied by an extraterrestrial being, Val Zarkazian, is a shock. He's come to Earth and fallen for Julie. When Val leaves, Patrick's body will die and she'll lose him forever. Or will she? (MIRA, Jun., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer