Image of Season for Surrender


Image of Season for Surrender

Romain’s second tale is another holiday romance that demonstrates her ability to craft well-written stories full of lovely prose and endearing characters who readers can take to their hearts. The bookworm heroine and troubled hero working at making impossible dreams come true will most definitely warm the spirit and leave readers feeling happy and fulfilled.

When proper bluestocking Louisa Oliver is invited to Lord Xavier’s naughty holiday gala, she jumps at the opportunity to fulfill her wish list: get kissed, find some interesting books and get kissed again. As part of a wager, Xavier must persuade Louisa to stay the full two weeks — a move that could ruin her reputation. In truth he is not as much of a rogue as others believe, and Louisa soon sees him as the man he wants to be. She makes him want to change, but she is also attracting other men, and Xavier discovers he wants to protect her, love her and keep her. As the party progresses, so does their mission to decipher a message. Once some truths come to light, can their newfound love survive? (ZEBRA, Oct., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin