Image of Season of Wishes


Image of Season of Wishes

For the second time kidnappers have targeted heiress and textile designer Jamee Night. Her brothers, who run the family corporation Nightingale Electronics, are so concerned that they enlist the aid of one of the world's best kidnapping and hostage experts.

Ian McCall, security expert and the 10th Laird of Glenlyle, has recently taken himself out of the security business. To Ian's anger and dismay, an old family curse is claiming its latest victim; Ian is slowly going blind. When Ian faces the combined requests of the Night family and his friend Nick Draycott, he eventually gives in and agrees to protect Jamee anonymously.

Luckily for Ian, the next stop on Jamee's business trip is Scotland. By fate or design, Ian and Jamee are stranded in a dense fog near an abandoned crofter's cottage. It is the perfect chance to get to know his subject, but Ian finds himself feeling more than a professional interest in Jamee. When their isolated hideaway is attacked by the kidnappers, Ian knows that there has to be a leak coming from someone close to either Jamee or himself.

Adrian Draycott, the ghostly guardian of Draycott Abbey, senses the danger surrounding the mortals. He is not alone, for Jamee's brother Terence, who was killed in an accident two years earlier, appears at the Abbey looking to help protect his sister. Terence and Gideon the cat are soon bound for Scotland in a desperate attempt to protect Jamee and Ian from the dark forces surrounding them.

SEASON OF WISHES forges a new link in the chain of adventures that surround Draycott Abbey. In this novel, Ms. Skye introduces a new set of characters with fascinating spin-off potential and the side benefit of a wonderfully modern ghost. Don't miss out! (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith