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The last of the series about the remarkable Lawless sisters, SEASONS OF GLORY captures the fast-paced adventure , suspense and romance of the West as the youngest Lawless sister, Glory, triumphs over the past and ends her quest by finding true love.

With her sisters Hannah and Jacey searching for their parents' killer, Glory is left on their ranch. Young and frightened, Glory finds running the ranch more difficult than she expects. But when neighbor and rival Riley Thornes arrives to help, Glory's pride is injured.

Tension mounts between strong-willed Glory and hard-headed Riley and as the conflict heats up, so do their passions.

Riley has always found Glory to be a temptation, but the feud between their families that began when Glory's father, J.C. Lawless, "stole" the land from the Thornes has separated them. Now he's living on the ranch that should have been his and Glory wonders if his family had anything to do with her parents' murders.

Falling in love with a Lawless enemy is a problem, but things get even more complicated when Glory learns some unsettling news about her birth. As the three Lawless women get together to finally put the past to rest Glory and Riley yield to love and destiny.

Cheryl Anne Porter completes her trilogy with a memorable and heartwarming story, fulfilling readers' fantasies and expectations. SENSUAL (July, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin