Seasons come and go in Dee's anthology of immortals, Amish love, scores to settle and innocent kisses. Readers will find romance -- as well as tender and scorching sex -- in this compilation of everlasting love.

Spring abounds in "Maypole Dance" as one scorned suitor in 1568 Britain finds love and lust with an immortal. Coll's feelings fall by the wayside when he spies a naked and luscious Astacia in the forest. He gladly surrenders his virginity to the goddess. Years pass, and Coll returns home to discover that life without Astacia is anything but good.

Rachael's Amish soul hankers for love and a taste of freedom in "Amish Parade." When James Dean look-alike Joe begins to pay attention to her, she suspects it's a joke -- but he proves her wrong. Life becomes tempestuous in 1956 when Rachael's disapproving parents and the church elders lay down the stop-seeing-Joe law.

Kate is out for blood when Alex Bowden, her high school nemesis, comes back to their hometown. She blames him for her unsatisfying life and failed marriage, but an afternoon of storms pave the way for a night of passion in the contemporary "Crisp Apples."

"A Lily for Christmas" opens in a house of mourning. Maid Lily tries to help master Jonathan survive the wounds and mental anguish he experienced during World War I circa 1915. She uses the memory of an innocent kiss they shared years before to seduce him and show him that during wartime, hope can still bloom with an eternal flame.

All four stories are different, but they share two common denominators: hot sex and happy endings. The most poignant tales are Rachael's and Lily's -- their hearts are engaging from the beginning, whereas Coll's and Kate's love affairs begin with a moment of lust. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith