Image of Seaview Inn


Image of Seaview Inn

In this sweet, sometimes funny and often touching story, the characters are beautifully depicted, and readers suffering through winter will doubtless want to wish themselves away to Seaview Key.

Returning to her home on Seaview Key isn't something PR executive Hannah Matthews does willingly, but she's hoping to persuade her grandmother, Jenny, to sell the slightly dilapidated guesthouse their family has run for years and to move to a seniors' facility. But the older woman isn't having any of it; she has comprehensive plans for re-opening the Seaview Inn, aided and abetted by Hannah's pregnant 20-year-old daughter, Kelsey. Without Hannah's approval, Jenny also ropes Dr. Luke Stevens, Hannah's teenage crush, into helping with the project.

Luke just returned from Iraq to find his wife having an affair. So he's a little cranky and ready to work off some steam indulging Jenny. Hannah's not looking for love either; she's a career-focused cancer survivor with no regrets. But she could develop some, if she lets Luke get away again! (MIRA, Mar., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer