Image of Sebastian (Ephemera, Book 1)


Image of Sebastian (Ephemera, Book 1)

Years ago, in order to stop its destruction, the land of Ephemera was divided into landscapes connected to each other by bridges that would take you where you truly belonged, instead of where you wanted to go. The half-incubus Sebastian lives in one of the landscapes, which are kept stable by the Landscapers, called the Den of Iniquity, where he has recently become dissatisfied with his life of debauchery. There is evil stirring in Ephemera, for the Eater of the World has escaped from its prison of many centuries, and Sebastian must protect his landscape from it.

This is a fantastic book. Bishop has built a compelling world that is filled with fascinating and complex characters. That Sebastian is more than a caricature of a brooding, oversexed hero is a real testament to her skill as a writer. Sharp readers will note that some issues are left unresolved and will likely be worked out in the next book. (Feb., 448 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs