At the age of 42, beautiful Fiona Monaghan enjoys her high-profile life as chief editor of a top New York fashion magazine. It sends her jet-setting around the globe to the most elite fashion shows.

Fiona has little regard for marriage after her own parents' disastrous union—until ad agency exec and widower John Anderson takes her completely by surprise. The sizzling attraction and whirlwind romance lead to the unexpected—marriage.

Then Fiona must endure the wrath of John's college-age daughters, his housekeeper and his deceased wife's savage little Pekingese dog. Trouble begins brewing in their marriage when Fiona's all-consuming career and colorful lifestyle conflict with John's staid conservatism. Can their floundering marriage lead to a happily ever after?

While the romance isn't as expertly drawn as it is in Steel's previous novels, Fiona is a likeable and well-developed character. However, John's family's dislike of Fiona seems a tad over the top—especially when she's attacked by the tiny dog. Because Steel's fans are often attracted to her unusual and extraordinary characters, this book will likely please her ardent admirers. (Jun., 230 pp., $20.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick