Image of Second Chance, Baby (Kimani Romance)


Image of Second Chance, Baby (Kimani Romance)
A.C. Arthur's storytelling skills are masterfully displayed in Second Chance, Baby (4). The struggle for balance between love and obligation is examined with fascinating characters, a continuing story and a mystery that's one step closer to being solved. Tyson, the middle child of recently deceased politician Harmon Braddock, owns a financial services business. He feels he has to work harder than anyone else in his family to prove that he's just as good, since he chose not to follow family tradition into law and politics. His wife, Felicia, though desperately in love with her husband, plans to end things. She'd can't watch Tyson devote more of his life to his business. Then she finds herself pregnant. Can Tyson hold on to his wife as he struggles to set priorities and help with the investigation into his father's death?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims