Second-chance-at-love stories can be trite and tricky — especially when children of the hero or heroine are involved. Danny and Jess still have tremendous feeling and caring for each other; neither one of them forgot their first love. But they grew up and grew as people, and now have new priorities and responsibilities. Jess and Danny are able to explore their relationship in an entirely unforced way. Despite being improbably thrown together, both characters deal with the realities of divorce, grief, and children with a level of responsibility all adults should strive for. If you want a realistic, contemporary holiday romance, look no further than "Second Chance Chanukah".

Jess Coen and Danny Adler were inseparable growing up in the small town of Crestview. Everyone thought they'd wind up together, including Jess. But then Danny moved out of Crestview and married someone else. Now a widower, Danny's returned to town for Chanukah with his young son in tow. As the community prepares to celebrate, will the childhood sweethearts get a second chance or will old wounds keep them apart? (SELF-PUBLISH, December 2011, dl. $.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky