The latest addition to Carr's Virgin River series has all of the charm
and depth of its predecessors. Sometimes clueless Paul is a hero in
the most literal sense of the word. He's by turns honorable, sweet and sensitive -- and he's well matched by gutsy, resilient Vanni. This title is sure to whet readers' appetites for more.

The night that ex-flight attendant Vanessa Rutledge met her husband Matt, his best friend, contractor Paul Haggerty, really interested her. But Paul hung back, Matt made his move -- and Vanni fell in love.

Now Matt is dead, a little over a year after Paul saved his life in the Middle East and brought him home. Living in Virgin River and caring for the son born after Matt's death, Vanni is ready to move on -- and it's Paul she wants. Paul's in love with her too, but his life recently became complicated. His casual lover Terri just told him she's pregnant -- and Paul's too honorable to walk away from her. Suddenly, Paul's relationship with Vanni is an emotional minefield. It seems like they'll never get together -- and that's before Vanni's mother-in-law throws another man into the mix! (MIRA, Feb., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer