For two lonely strangers stranded in an airport, one soul-stirring kiss on New Year's Eve seems all they are destined to share. On his way home to his Texas ranch, Matt Holt can't believe the impact the beautiful young woman has on him. For emotionally-damaged Billie Jean Walker, Matt represents all she can never have. Their interlude is brief, but neither will ever forget.

Nearly three years later, Matt is stunned when his college-age son Scott brings home Billie and two other friends for the holidays. Billie and Matt make their first mistake by not admitting that they have shared an emotional experience. Scott has never been romantically interested in Billie, but feels competitive when his father shows interest. Billie finds herself in the frustrating position of trying to build a relationship with the father while convincing the son that he's not really interested in her.

Determined not to come between father and son, Billie heads home to confront her father, who has emotionally abused her her entire life. Instead of offering comfort when Billie's mother committed suicide, Jerrod tormented young Billie with the thought that she would end up like her mother. The time has come for Billie to take a stand, but can she find the strength?

Endearing author Sharon Sala continues to shine with her rare ability to bring powerful and emotionally wrenching stories to life. (Oct., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith