The wonderful talent of Andrea Pickens shines with added lustre in her engaging new novel of Regency England.

The widowed Earl of Wrexham is absolutely appalled. Not only has his adolescent son hired his own tutor without consulting his parent, but his new employee is a woman! Even more outrageous is her attitudeMiss Allegra Proctor seems to think that she is eminently qualified to mold the mind of a young gentleman.

It simply will not do, even if the lady has all the requisite knowledge for the position. But when the earl tries to dismiss the impertinent chit, he is shocked by by his sons refusal to accept his ruling. And he discovers that even he is not immune to her bright intelligence and gallant courage when he discovers the real reason for Allegras presence in his household.

Creating a marvelous heroine and suitably appealing hero, Ms. Pickens combines a wonderful sense of the absurd with appealing emotional intensity to create a lilting romance for all to enjoy. (Feb., 216 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer