Returning to Henry Adams, Kan., is akin to attending a family reunion. There are some old, dear friends, some very cranky relations -- and Cletus, the hog. It's great to know that this is destined to be a continuing series. The characters are rich, and the kids all have a story to be told. In this gentle and fulfilling novel of second chances, Jenkins shares more of the history of Henry Adams.

Bernadine Brown is not through growing the town of Henry Adams, and next up is the new school. Trent's foster son, Amari, is determined to become the newest member of the July family and, as part of his quest, he decides to revive the August First parade, which had been a town tradition. The residents are hoping that the national publicity will encourage others to move to Henry Adams and bring back some of those who left. The only real danger lurking (aside from tornadoes) is Crystal's father, Ray, who has no redeeming social qualities and is a menace to all. (AVON A, Jan., 384 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins