Marvelously entertaining, O'Keefe's novel has
characters that are
easy to empathize with and fun
to read about. This quite believable
tale has plenty of humor, but also
a serious side that keeps it from becoming slapstick, which makes
it a story to be greatly enjoyed and
fondly remembered.

When her ex-husband, TV personality Derek O'Reilly, shows up unexpectedly at his brother's while Connie Robertson is babysitting, Connie is not pleased. She can't leave the kids, and 5-year-old Chris is overjoyed to have his uncle stay. Derek has plans that will hopefully include a reconciliation with Connie.

Meanwhile, Max, his brother Petey and their friend Moose are on a quest to make the man who cheated them out of a collectible comic book pay. When all of their paths cross, Connie, Derek and the kids become kidnapping victims.

But it's not long before victims turn into cohorts, and the game's afoot. (FIVE STAR, Apr., 240 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley