Transplanted Irishman Braden Flynn is to escort a band of Sioux, led by Sitting Bull, across Canada. Because of his own experiences, Braden is sensitive to their plight. The Sioux desire sanctuary in Canada and yet are being forced to return to reservations in the United States.

It is Bradens empathy and admiration of the Lakota that bring him in close contact with Sitting Bulls niece, Dancing Bird, and it is easy for the two to fall in love.

Fate and politics threaten their blossoming romance as does prejudice and enemies from all sides. Through their eyes we are given a powerful glimpse into the Lakotas situations, the governments manipulations and the struggle for freedom by Sitting Bull and the people.

Kathryn Fox brings a time and place to life by presenting the carefully detailed history and customs of the Lakota as an integral facet of this tender romance. The historical details, many of which would not be familiar to Americans, and the Canadian viewpoint, add depth and fascinating experiences to a strong love story. SENSUAL (Jun., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin