In the concluding volume of the McKendrick trilogy, "wild" Jeb searches for a bride, knowing he has to beat his brothers or lose the ranch. So when he sets his eyes on schoolteacher Chloe Wakefield, he quickly marries her—then finds out she's supposedly already got a husband.

Jeb heads home in defeat, his dreams of claiming the ranch shattered. But when the school board finds out about the barroom brawl Jeb and Chloe had over her marital status, she's fired, ends up in Indian Rock looking for a teaching position and finds Jeb.

The passion they shared flares up when they meet again. This time Chloe gets Jeb to listen to her: Her marriage to Jack Barrett was over before it began. But learning to trust comes hard for Jeb. Then a stagecoach robbery and Barrett's return give Jeb and Chloe the push they need to find happiness.

Secondhand Bride is the ideal ending to an unforgettable series. We have the chance to revisit the entire McKendrick clan, their neighbors and townsfolk. Miller has outdone herself with an ending that will have you laughing through tears of joy.

With her book's realistic characters, heartwarming and action-packed plot and the aura of a small western town, Miller has woven the finest in Americana romance into a story you'll read and adore. SENSUAL (Dec., 430 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin