Olson's second mystery hits the mark with setting, plot and character, but the overuse of four-letter words to convey
the heroine's feistiness and grit is grating. She writes so well about New Haven -- and its eateries -- that you'll want to hop in the car immediately
to check it out yourself. Her lovably imperfect heroine charms, and the antics of her co-workers and the
residents of "da neighborhood" will
keep you intrigued and amused.

New Haven, Conn.-based journalist Annie Seymour is in the soup again. A neighborhood restaurant goes up in flames, a body is found inside the wreckage and the restaurant owner disappears. The mafia may be involved; the FBI is poking around the case; Annie's father arrives from Vegas to "help out"; and sexy Sinatra-a-like P.I. Vinny DeLucia, Annie's not-so-secret crush, is also investigating.

Annie soon realizes the restaurateur isn't the only one with family secrets, and she's the odd woman out in her own heavily Italian neighborhood as she struggles to stay alive and solve the case. (Mysterious Press, Oct., 272 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French