Lily Ivory is a 21st-century Samantha Stephens, minus the nose-wriggling. An endearing creation like the Bewitched character, Blackwell's Lily is bright, kind and unrelenting in her fight against an evil demon. The story
combines fun and seriousness for
an entertaining read.

Lily, who has extraordinary spell-casting powers, recently relocated to San Francisco to open a vintage clothing store. She's trying to lead a normal life and make some friends.

When another child disappears and one of Lily's clients is murdered, Lily is drawn into the world of evil spirits and spooky ghosts. Her investigations put her in the paths of two attractive men: "myth buster" Max Carmichael and fellow witch Aidan Rhodes. Can Lily save the missing child and guard her own secrets as well? (OBSIDIAN, Jul., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson