Image of The Secret


Image of The Secret

One night while leaving her office, advertising exec. Kate Rollins life is changed forever. Caught in a shoot-out, Kate is hit by a bullet. Resuscitated, she is flooded by memories of her near-death experience. While out of her body, Kate remembers seeing a woman approach her. Kate is stunned to discover that the women she saw was her recently deceased grandmother, Nell Hart. Because of family estrangements, Kate had never met her grandmother.

Kate learns that Nell has left her a farmhouse and small cafe in Lost Peak, Montana. With her marriage disintegrating and her 12-year-old son David getting involved with a bad crowd, Kate takes the opportunity to start her life over by moving to Lost Peak.

Trying to fit into her new surroundings, Kate gets involved to save the local creek from arsenic poisoning. But when trouble starts, Kate cant shake the feeling that somehow this is all linked to her grandmothers untimely death.

Talented author Kat Martin returns with another suspense tale laced with emotional upheaval and a touch of the paranormal. (Mar., 413 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith