In the first in Lewis' new series, the pace is a bit slower than in some of her previous books, but it all comes together when the long-kept, and unexpected, secret is finally revealed.

Since Lettie's encounter with an outsider at a barn raising, Grace Byler has noticed that her mama has changed. She's become quieter and restless, often wandering around late at night. Grace and her father sense that Lettie is keeping a secret.

After the recent loss of her mother, Heather Nelson is shocked to learn that she has a potentially terminal illness. Heather is sure that some time away to rest, and visit a naturopath, in Amish country will help. As their lives intertwine, will Grace, Heather and Lettie find what they are searching for? (BETHANY HOUSE, Mar., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee